We get this question a lot these days. We live in a very “noisy” world, where seemingly everyone is vying for every bit of our attention. 

We desperately need some stillness in the midst of all the noise. Out of that stillness can come great peace and spiritual flourishing. But how do we go about it?

Fortunately, we have two Faith Matters advisory board members who have practiced and taught meditation and mindfulness for many years—Thomas McConkie and Jacob Hess. So we’ve asked them to help us on this journey. If mindfulness has sounded foreign or out of reach for you, Thomas and Jacob will help you see how it can actually be quite familiar and natural. 

Jacob Hess is co-authoring a book on mindfulness and meditation that will be published in January by Deseret Book. That’s a pretty good sign that the time has come to take a serious look at mindfulness through the lens of the restored gospel.

For now, Jacob has written this great little piece for us the entitled “More Silence, More Space, More Spirituality?”

Thomas McConkie recently did a very rich and fascinating podcast episode with Morgan Jones on  LDS Living’s “ All In” podcast.  

And, if you haven’t yet enjoyed Thomas McConkie’s conversation with Terryl Givens (which has been listened to or viewed around 40,000 times on our Faith Matters channels) you can see it here or listen to it here.

Bottom line: It’s time to live life more mindfully. It changes our entire experience of life. And we have great resources in our faith to help us in that process. So carve out a little space and enjoy.