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Jacob Hess is a doctor of community psychology, mindfulness teacher and writer focused on exploring longer-term, more sustainable healing from depression.

He is a former board member of the National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation and helped to create the Red Blue Dictionary and the Respect and Rebellion dialogue project (with Liz Joyner at the Village Square).  His books include, “You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought, But You’re Still Wrong,”  “Once Upon a Time…He Wasn’t Feeling It Anymore,” “A Third Space: Proposing Another Way Forward in the LGBT/Religious Conservative Impasse” and “The Power of Stillness:  Mindful Living for Latter-day Saints.” Jacob also helped to create an online course, Mindweather, and the android/Iphone app Lift – both of which introduce mindfulness-oriented, research-based steps to pursue deeper healing from depression and anxiety.

He lives with his wife Monique and their four boys in Paradise, Utah.