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McArthur Krishna graduated from BYU with both an undergraduate and masters degree. She co-owned an award-winning ideas marketing firm for a decade until she retired, got married, and moved to India. Over eight years she has written 17 books, six co-authored with Bethany Brad Spalding at Deseret Book including A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother and A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother. Along the way she has coordinated some of the first art featuring women to be hung in the LDS Conference Center (Kathleen Peterson’s art from the Girls Who Choose God series), purchased and curated the first art show focused on Heavenly Mother with artists from around the world, and her own art was selected for the Church’s International Art competition. The art (by Caitlin Connelly) from their book “Our Heavenly Family, our Earthly Families” was the first art portraying Heavenly Mother published at Deseret Book. After its release, the LDS church commissioned a 12’x8’ piece for their permanent collection— and it currently hangs at the Church History Museum on Temple Square. McArthur believes that unflinching hope, a lot of hours working with friends, and wifi can change the world. She’s (always) got more in the works to live up to her favorite titles of Holy Harasser and Hogwash Eradicator.