From Atheism, to Disfellowship, and Back to God | How a Sacrament Prayer Changed Everything for Me

Samuel Brown
Samuel M. Brown is associate professor of critical care medicine and medical ethics and humanities at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is also the director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Research and founder and director of the Center for Humanizing Critical Care, both at Intermountain Medical Center. Samuel Brown graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College in Linguistics with a minor in Russian, then received his MD from Harvard Medical School, where he was a National Scholar and Massachusetts Medical Society Scholar. After graduation he completed residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he remained on faculty as an Instructor in General Medicine at Harvard Medical School before moving to the University of Utah, where he completed fellowship training. His primary research interests are in the effects of life-threatening infection on the heart and, in parallel work that he sees as a calling, how to improve the human experience of life-threatening illness and the life support treatments required to survive it. As part of his work in ethics and humanities, Dr. Brown also writes intellectual history of religion, especially the Latter-day Saints. He's a Gospel Doctrine teacher in his ward; he and his wife, Church historian Kate Holbrook, are raising three children in Salt Lake City.

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