Better Than Happy

by Jody Moore

Our unconscious thought patterns determine our relationships, our spiritual life and our connection to God to a much greater extent than we know. That’s an alarming thought, because the subconscious mind is a mysterious realm that is really difficult to access and influence…right? No. It’s really not! And it’s the most urgent and impactful thing we can do. This book will show you how.

How do I choose faith over fear when my loved ones are making poor choices?

Why don’t I feel happier if I’m reading and praying like I’ve been taught?

How can I stop feeling like I’m just not good enough?

What am I to do when my spouse is judgmental of me?

How do I trust in Christ when everything seems to be falling apart?

Get answers to these and other tough questions in the context of Christ-centered principles throughout this book.

Jody Moore is a Master Certified Life Coach who has taught and coached tens of thousands of women through her in-person and online workshops and podcast. She brings her characteristic clarity, wisdom, humor and disarming honesty to this groundbreaking book.

In Better Than Happy, Jody shows how a simple 5-step model she uses in every session with her clients can reveal the unconscious patterns of thoughts that keep us from deeper and healthier connection with ourselves, with our loved ones and with God. Jody then shows how, once we clear the debris of our unconscious patterns of thought, new streams of understanding of Christ’s teachings begin to flow.

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