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At the heart of the gospel is a radical message of hope: we are capable of unlimited development, of becoming even as Christ is. But what does this path of transformation look like and feel like in practice? For centuries, so much of Christianity has focused on what to believe. Thomas McConkie redirects this conversation to the simple but potent practices we can engage in body, heart, mind and spirit—awakening us to a greater measure of the Sacred right here and now. “At-one-ment” becomes a spiritual reality in which we can all participate, not just a historical event in which a select few believe.


In a clear and elegant sequence, McConkie describes ancient and modern approaches to awakening the mind, purifying the heart and healing the body, as well as common challenges that come up along the way. Whatever the reader’s personal beliefs, this book is intended to complement their worldview and provide practical, actionable steps toward realizing a greater fullness of all that they are meant to become.