Big Question #6

What about our LGBT brothers and sisters?

I remember the odd conflict of being in my early teens and having experiences that began and nurtured my witness of Jesus Christ and of the Book of Mormon, while at the very same time feeling that I was what I thought God abhorred – gay.

lgbt mormon

That experience was certainly not unique to me. Many of my lesbian, gay and bisexual sisters and brothers have told me that they had similar feelings of this duality. As a church, we are getting better at acknowledging that the orientation to the world that LGB persons experience (a poor shorthand for which is attractions) is not chosen, while the actions we take in response to such deeply individual perceptions represent the eternal power of agency.

In short, Heavenly Parents know every aspect of who we are and their love is unqualified; nonetheless any choice we make has its attendant costs and gains.

In order to make sense of the choices ahead, we begin with elemental questions:

  • Why am I gay (or lesbian or bisexual)? Did God make me this way?
  • As a parent of an LGBTQ child, what does this mean for my eternal family?
  • What is the basis of the church’s antipathy to homosexual conduct?
  • Is there any point getting more deeply involved with the church if I already know I want to find a spouse of the same gender?
  • What are the roles of personal revelation and of prophetic counsel as I make these choices?

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